Discover case studies that showcase our collaborative efforts to make transportation more efficient, sustainable, and accessible. Through these partnerships, we're committed to developing and building electric roads and static charging stations to transform how global charging is done.


Assisting in transforming the Aisin product offering.

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This initiative, delving into the potential of electric roads as a complement in a fossil-free transport system, is a crucial component of the Swedish government's roadmap.

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Martin & Servera

In close collaboration with Volvo, this project marks Martin & Servera's initial venture into automated charging.

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By utilizing the facility grid connection instead of public charging stations, this project significantly reduces energy costs by 80%.

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VINCI has selected Elonroad as a strategic partner and will deploy its cutting-edge rail technology on the A10 highway south of Paris.

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As a teledriving technology developer, Elmo's deep appreciation for innovation and sustainability has found a strong ally in Elonroad.

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Product & Services


ESL and Elonroad partner to develop charging solutions for the ETRU Market.

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Backers & investors