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Dynamic and static charging for ports

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Charge stations and dynamic charging for port operators

Perfectly suited for around-the-clock operations at ports, ensuring maximum uptime without dependency on buffer vehicles and making the most of limited space. Our solutions sidestep expensive power supply upgrades, meeting policy requirements and market demands for sustainable electrification.


Continous operations maximizing uptime

Charging through Elonroad's solution maintains continuous port operations without additional buffer vehicles, boosting efficiency and minimizing downtime.


Space-efficient ground-based charging

Seamless charging eliminates land development costs and significantly reduces the need for large charge parks.


Cost efficiencies

Optimized energy usage means reduced overall power needs. Ability to reduce battery size reduces vehicle cost., making electrification affordable and accessible for businesses.

Our solutions

Elonroad for ports

Efficient operations for circling and parking with minimal power requirements. Compatible with factory-equipped and retrofitted vehicles, offering unmatched flexibility.

Minimal power supplies

Strategically integrated conductive rails, placed directly into the driving surface with minimal power supplies, ensure efficient energy management.

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Adaptable and modular

Adaptable and modular conductive rail and charge station setups that cater to various vehicles, enhancing electric vehicle charging efficiency.

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Vehicle agnostic

Vehicle-agnostic solutions, accommodating both factory-outfitted and retrofitted vehicles. With this versatility, our technology ensures efficient and sustainable operations.

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