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Electric roads

Flush mounted charging rails, for conductive charging in motion

Automatic charging with our advanced technology. Seamlessly charging on the move, delivering high power and efficiency even at high speed

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Electric roads


The most economical and efficient means to decarbonize transportation, electric roads are pivotal in creating sustainable mobility.

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Electric roads

Space saving

Electric roads integrate charging infrastructure directly into roadways, saving space and advancing sustainable transport while promoting efficient land use and environmental conservation.

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Electric roads

Compatible with all vehicles

Our electric roads support all vehicle types, including retrofits, ensuring easy integration and efficient transport for businesses and individuals.

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Highly efficient

High efficiency with a system that transfers energy at a 97% efficiency rate from the rail to the vehicle, activating only when a vehicle is directly overhead for enhanced safety and performance.

System management

Our electric roads streamline energy management with strong power control, enhancing distribution for better resource use and consistent power demand handling.

Durability and safety

Rigorously tested for weather-resistance, durability, and safety, our roads offer a reliable transportation solution even in challenging weather conditions.


Electric roads are emerging as a key solution to some of the biggest challenges in e-mobility. Traditional charging methods, like cord-based systems, require extensive space for charging stations and strain the power grid, especially during peak usage. Electric road systems (ERS) offer a more efficient alternative, particularly for long-range charging on highways and major public roads. They seamlessly integrate into existing road infrastructure, allowing for a more flexible power distribution to vehicles. This not only enables a faster rollout of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) but also reduces costs. As a result, ERS technology is increasingly recognized as crucial for achieving the ambitious targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and beyond.