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Charging stations

Automatic charging while parking, idling, waiting and (un)loading​.

Experience effortless electric vehicle charging with our innovative solution. Automatic charging while parking, idling, waiting, and loading/unloading, ensuring your vehicles are always ready to hit the road efficiently and sustainably.

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Charge station

Space saving

Designed to save space and streamline charging infrastructure, freeing up valuable real estate and ensuring vehicles charge efficiently and conveniently.

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Charge station

Maximize vehicle uptime

Fast & reliable charging stations minimize downtime, enhancing business productivity & profit while supporting sustainable mobility with hassle-free technology.

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Charge station

Compatible with all vehicles

Our electric roads support all vehicle types, including retrofits, ensuring easy integration and efficient transport for businesses and individuals.

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Fully automatic

Our fully automated solution makes sure energy is streamed into the vehicle battery as needed, offering a hands-free experience that allows businesses and operators to focus their attention towards their core activities.

Zero plugs & cables

Our charge station solution, powered by resilient conductive charge rails, offers a safe, efficient and driver-friendly charging experience. The result is not only more reliable electrified operations but also less energy spent on maintenance.

Asphalt Integrated rail

Rapid deployment

We take pride in the fact that our charge rail is attached to the ground and connected in just a few hours, minimizing disruptions and inconveniences at the locations. It's equally fast to retrofit the energy collector on the vehicles.


Our system interfaces with the Combined Charging System (CCS), but supplies energy through an energy collector instead of a conventional plug. This collector is mounted beneath the vehicle, which lowers to connect with Elonroad's stationary charging rail. The vehicle can still use its regular charging inlet for cable charging but not at the same time.