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Charge solutions for the logistics & delivery sector

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Logistics & delivery solutions at Elonroad

Charge stations for the logistic and delivery sector

Seamless vehicle charging during loading and unloading, optimizing charge time and reducing peak power demands. Vehicles are always ready for the next shift, eliminating collision risks and ensuring efficient load balancing.


Charge while loading/unloading

Enabling vehicles to charge while simultaneously loading/unloading, boosting operational efficiency and reducing downtime for logistics and delivery companies with our technology.


Reduced peak power demands

Reduced peak power demands enables the use of smaller transformers and more affordable power contracts, boosting operational efficiency and cutting costs.


Streamlined operations and increased safety

Seamless charging ensures driver safety, eliminating collision risks and tripping hazards associated with traditional charging stations.

Our solutions

Elonroad for logistics & delivery

Delivering seamless power through ground-integrated charge rails at loading docks. Central power supplies are discreetly integrated into buildings, accommodating factory-outfitted and retrofitted vehicles with ease.

Minimal power supplies

Strategically integrated conductive rails, placed directly into the surface of loading docks with minimal power supplies, ensure efficient energy management.

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Discreet central power supplies

Discreetly integrated central power supplies in buildings enhance operational efficiency. This innovative approach optimizes charging infrastructure for various applications while maximizing space utility.

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Vehicle agnostic

Vehicle-agnostic solutions, accommodating both factory-outfitted and retrofitted vehicles. With this versatility, our technology ensures efficient and sustainable operations.

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