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Charge while driving for ultimate flexibility and freedom

A solution that advances sustainable eMobility by tackling limited charge park space, demand-driven power peaks, and resource scarcity without environmental compromise.


Cost efficiencies

Optimized energy usage means reduced overall power needs. With fewer battery demands, vehicle expenses drop, making electrification affordable and accessible.


Seamless charging

Electric roads reduce land use and the need for charge parks, promoting efficient and sustainable transportation.


Increased efficiency of EVs

Continuous driving without range loss offers smooth journeys that eliminate the need for frequent charging stops.

Public roads

Elonroad for public roads

Strategically placed ERS rails and power stations enable seamless electrification. Compatible with both factory-outfitted and retrofitted vehicles, managed through centralized operations and data processing.

High efficiency charging while driving

Smart conductive rails are directly integrated into the asphalt of public roads and highways and operate at 97% efficiency, guaranteeing safe and effective electrification.

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Vehicle agnostic

Vehicle-agnostic solutions, accommodating both factory-outfitted and retrofitted vehicles. With this versatility, our technology ensures efficient and sustainable operations.

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Central control system

A centralized control system streamlines operations and data analysis for efficient and monitored electric road performance.

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