AISIN has studied all possibilities in this direction and concluded that Electric Road System, ERS, is a high potential solution for future mobility.

We have benchmarked all existing ERS technologies and concluded that Elonroad conductive rail is the best option to pursue. AISIN has recently decided to increase its commitment and resources to this technology.

Mr Shizuo Abe
Chief Electric Leader


As a prominent global tier 1 supplier in drivetrains, Aisin is actively exploring innovative opportunities in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape. Extensive research has led them to identify the Elonroad electric road system as the optimal solution for accelerating electrification efforts.


Recognizing the need for dedicated testing, Aisin aims to develop their onboard charging equipment by establishing their own electric road testing ground, enabling rigorous development and seamless integration of their cutting-edge products.


Aisin is transforming its tier 1 product offering and can now accelerate its testing by having its own electric road at its test site in Mons, Belgium. AIsin's journey towards having a new product offering for vehicle pickup systems is approaching. The test track is ~1 kilometer and the elctric road will installad early 2024. Aisin sees the track to be vital for testing, not only for Aisin but also for partner OEMs in Europe.