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Logistics & delivery solutions at Elonroad

Elonroad’s unique automatic charging solutions significantly decrease CO2 impact and lowers the total cost of ownership, offering the flexibility to charge electric vehicles whether on the move or parked.

This innovation aligns with ESL’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions that drive environmental benefits while meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Together, we aim to redefine the future of our markets.

Carlos Valero




The U.S. market for Electric Transport Refrigeration Units (ETRU) faces challenges in maintaining efficient and environmentally friendly operations. Current manual charging systems require plug-and-cord charging and create logistical inefficiencies, such as extra driving to central charging stations. These inefficiencies can lead to increased operational costs and CO2 emissions, which can be prohibitive for businesses, particularly in food distribution.


Partnering with ESL Power Systems, Inc., Elonroad aims to transform the ETRU market with its innovative automatic charging technology. This technology enables vehicles to charge autonomously, whether in motion or stationary, eliminating the need for manual handling. ESL, leveraging its extensive experience and reputation as a Walmart supplier, will distribute Elonroad’s solutions across the U.S., ensuring reliable and consistent charging for essential supply chains. The partnership will begin with a pilot program running from mid-May 2024 to Q1 2025.


Through this partnership, the U.S. ETRU market will see a reduction in operational inefficiencies and environmental impact. Automatic charging systems provided by Elonroad and ESL will enable vehicles to charge automatically while loading or unloading, minimizing downtime. This collaboration will enhance the sustainability and efficiency of food distribution logistics, supporting the broader goal of reducing fossil fuel dependency.