VINCI designs, finances, builds and manages, within the framework of public-private partnerships, transport infrastructures and public equipment which contribute to the development of mobility and territories. It operates in the motorway, airport, bridge and tunnel, rail and stadium sectors. In France, motorway travel accounts for 95% of transport-related CO2 emissions. In order to reduce this carbon footprint, it's essential to explore new solutions, and so a call for tender was published, to which VINCI responded.


A consortium including VINCI, Elonroad and others was set up to manage an ambitious project to install electric roads outside Paris. A pilot site on the A10 motorway from Paris to the provinces, upstream of the Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines toll gate will feature 2 km of Elonroad's electric road systems in one lane, being the first stage of the project.


The project spans over the coming years and will unlock the extraordinary potential of dynamic charging by demonstrating the viability of the concept and highlight the decarbonization impact, leading to important insights to take steps towards a more sustainable and efficient future of transportation in France.


VINCI Group, the largest European construction company and a leading highway operator with VINCI Autoroutes, is highly committed to providing decarbonized solutions for its customers. According to France's Ministry of Transportation, Electric Road Systems could reduce CO2 emissions of long-haul freight by 86%.

VINCI has selected Elonroad as a strategic partner and will deploy its cutting-edge rail technology on the A10 highway south of Paris.

Our close collaboration and common forward-driven mindsets will make decarbonized and sustainable freight transport a reality for the trucking industry in the years to come.

Pierre Delaigue,
Director – Connected, Autonomous, Electric Mobility
Vinci Autoroutes  //  Leonard