We are very satisfied with the cooperation and commitment from the organization at elonroad, their solution is very inventive and can solve a number of challenges for electrification of transportation

Sofia Magnusson
Projektledare Elektrifieringsprogrammet


EVolutionRoad is a project the Swedish Transport Administration assigned to build a pioneering test and demonstration site with Elonroad’s unique electric road system in the city of Lund. The EVolution Road project stands as a pivotal initiative within the Swedish government’s roadmap, delving deep into the potential of electric roads. Driven by predefined objectives and a set of deliverables, the project meticulously develops, evaluates, and enhances the technology, aiming to document and disseminate crucial knowledge. Challenges, from friction and corrosion to charging powers, energy efficiency, electromagnetic emissions, driving speed, and varying weather conditions, are tested and the project navigates these complexities to pave the way for a sustainable and efficient electric road infrastructure.


The first electric road with a ground-level feeding system tested in an urban environment with a city bus and other vehicles. The project's consortium includes nine actors from the business sector, universities and the public sector: Innovation Skåne AB (project manager), Elonroad AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, Lund municipality / Future by lund, Lund University of Technology, LTH, Ramboll AB, Skånetrafiken AB, Solaris Sverige AB, National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI. Duration 2019-2024.

The Swedish Transport Administration finances SEK 83 million of the project’s total budget of SEK 96 million. Other funding comes from partners that have joined forces in the Elväg Syd consortium.


The EVolution Road project boasts impressive outcomes from its intensive testing phase. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance has excelled, proving the system’s reliable operation even in challenging weather conditions such as heavy rainfall while maintaining minimal and harmless leakage currents. These critical findings are being shared with the Swedish Transport Administration to inform further development.

Currently, the project is delving deeper into various facets of the technology, including the nuances of operational procedures, usage trends, maintenance needs, and environmental impact. This comprehensive analysis is instrumental in propelling the progress of sustainable and efficient electric road systems.