Martin & Servera


It is important to Martin & Servera to be involved in testing new solutions to ensure smooth charging at our terminals. Elonroad has a solution with great potential that we are currently evaluating together at our terminal in Malmö.

Håkan Ekmyr,
Transportation Manager
Martin & Servera


Martin & Servera (M&S), Sweden's leading restaurant wholesaler, has electrification high on the agenda to meet its ambitious goal of becoming a climate-neutral company by 2030. Eager to expand its green initiatives, M&S plan to add 18 electric trucks to their fleet in 2023. However, this transition has revealed challenges, such as the high costs and operational delays from cable-based charging systems and the difficulty of installing chargers in limited spaces without compromising safety.


This project showcases Martin & Servera's first venture into automated charging. Elonroad equipped a heavy-duty truck with onboard equipment to charge without cables, skillfully retrofitted without altering the truck's original frame and power system. Utilizing Martin & Servera's pre-existing third-party charger, Elonroad modified the setup to connect with the truck via a stationary charging rail. The system was installed and launched at the Malmö site in close partnership with M&S. Driver feedback has been instrumental, guiding continuous improvements to the system during its initial months of operation.


Martin & Servera has successfully piloted an automatic charging system, sparking discussions to accelerate its electrification journey. M&S is optimistic the technology will facilitate uninterrupted charging during the truck loading and unloading, sidestepping space constraints at loading docks. Evaluation will explore transitioning to large-scale charging installations to electrify its entire fleet. This initiative lays the groundwork for a continued partnership with Elonroad, with both parties keenly interested in rolling out the initiative, beginning with a focus on Stockholm.