Elonroad's static charging solution enhances the efficiency of Elis´ operations by allowing us to charge while loading, effectively enabling an additional shift. The solution also increases employee safety as the trucks are charged without cables.

Patrik Nyholm
Procurement Manager


Elis, a leader in circular services, empowers businesses to achieve optimal hygiene and protection for its employees and clients, promoting sustainable well-being enrichment. Elis incorporated electric vehicles into its fleet early on but faced efficiency challenges as drivers had to stop for mid-shift charging at public stations or at home. To streamline its operations, Elis sought a charging solution at its fleet hub. Space limitations and wanting to avoid driver downtime during charging made a conventional DC charging pole impractical.


Elonroad equipped the Elis Veddesta, Stockholm location with two charge rails at the loading docks and retrofitted eight VW eCrafter LCV vans with CCS-compatible auto charge kits. Utilizing the 50kW charger cabinets placed inside the facility, these vehicles could charge automatically, eliminating the need for cables and poles. The retrofitting process for each vehicle took approximately 4 hours, followed by thorough testing before being commissioned for operations. The transition wrapped up with comprehensive driver training and a testing period, bolstered by additional support to ensure drivers were fully equipped and confident in using the new system.


Eight of Elis' LCV drivers now concentrate solely on delivering goods, thanks to Elonroad's solution that charges its vehicles' batteries during loading and unloading. This solution not only saves time and boosts driver morale, but also cuts energy costs by 80% by using the facility grid connection instead of public charging stations. Looking ahead, Elis can increase EV utilization and reduce transport costs per ton by adding another shift and rolling out this solution to its other major Swedish hubs.